Business transparency is part of our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, it is a voluntary act with which we want to contribute to an informed society, generating trust in the environment by accounting for our relationship with the public administration.

The operation of Alondra Villas by Explotación Balcón del Mar S.L. began in 2015, after a comprehensive reform of the old apartment complex. A 5-star boutique hotel for adults only was created, with 81 fully equipped suites. The hotel was designed as a model of sustainability, through bioclimatic architecture and following the Biosphere declaration scheme. With dynamism, imitating the environment.

Explotación Balcón del Mar S.L. aims to be a company with good results, maintaining excellent relations with suppliers and offering the best services and solutions to our clients. Thus contributing to the virtuous circle that involves the creation of employment, the contribution to the public administration for the benefit of citizens and the growth of all companies, organisations and clients who trust in our professionalism.

And we want to do this by being a sustainable and socially responsible company, putting people at the centre, providing the tools and security necessary to assume their responsibilities and fostering a culture in which we seek to grow by growing.
Canary Law of Transparency

Alondra Villas will keep this portal updated so that our customers, suppliers and the general public can consult our activity, according to the Law of Transparency 19/2013 and Law 12/2014, of 26 December, on Transparency and Access to Public Information of the Canary Islands Government.

More information: Commissioner for Transparency of the Government of the Canary Islands


Transparence - Villas Alondra

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With our hearts tied to this land and opening the way to new dreams, we have created a faithful reflection of the landscape of the island of Lanzarote that can be appreciated throughout the hotel’s facilities. After 35 years of history in the hospitality sector and with humility, effort and sacrifice, we have managed to become a benchmark on this magical island.


The Travelife Sustainability in tourism recognition, Biosphere Responsible Tourism, the ISO 14001 and 9001 certifications, the Tourism Quality Commitment certification are some of the certifications that accredit Alondra Villas as a company with excellence capabilities to offer clients a luxury and sustainable holiday in a protected and cared for environment.


Explotaciones Apartamentos Balcón del Mar S.L. was born with the vision of operating 4- and 5-star hotels.
Our commitment to sustainability and highlighting the local culture of the surroundings of our establishments is combined with an exclusive interior design, resulting in an elegant atmosphere, to envelop our guests in absolute comfort.


At Alondra Villas we are committed to following principles of quality and respect for the environment in order to achieve customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of all interested parties. Alondra Villas has developed a quality and environmental management system for this purpose, structured according to the different service units. The management system is conceived as a driving force for continuous improvement, the parts of which, including this policy, may be revised as often as necessary to improve the orientation of the processes and increase their efficiency. This policy is intended to be the frame of reference for the revision of the quality and environmental objectives of Alondra Villas, the guidelines of which are:


  • Positivity. We are a company, we are teams, but above all we are a big family that works with joy and optimism because we believe in a better world.
  • Respect for customers, employees and the communities in which we operate.
  • Innovation in our way of understanding and communicating with customers, in ideas, business models, processes and technology.
  • Sustainability. Meeting the objectives of the present while looking to the future, protecting the environment, contributing to social welfare and economic growth.
  • Multiculturalism. Our activity builds bridges between Africa, the Canary Islands and Europe. We are one big family where different races and cultures live together with respect and tolerance.
  • Ambition. Our spirit of self-improvement, vision and enthusiasm drive us to grow as a company and as people, and to provide well-being to our community.



Explotación Apartamentos Balcón del Mar S.L. is a limited company governed by the following regulations:

Alondra Villas Hotel Boutique, feels a responsibility to uphold and protect the human rights of both the people who work in our company and those who make up the environment in which we operate. One of our objectives is to contribute positively to global efforts to ensure that human rights are understood and implemented. Have a company policy committed to fulfilling our responsibility to respect human rights.

Transparence - Villas Alondra



Explotación Apartamentos Balcón del Mar S.L. complies with its legal obligation to deposit its annual accounts in the Mercantile Registry of Lanzarote, which may be requested in said registry.


The following are the audit and audit reports carried out by external control bodies for the year indicated:
Financial year 2021



Contracts with the Public Administration are not executed.



The agreements and management entrustments for the years indicated are set out below.



Below is the list of aid and subsidies received through public administrations and bodies for the year indicated.
Financial year 2020

  • STATUS. INSTITUTO DE CRÉDITO OFICIAL: Financing guarantees to companies and the self-employed granted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation to mitigate the effects of COVID-19, managed by the ICO on behalf of the Ministry. Article 1 RDL 25/2020
  • CANARY ISLANDS. MINISTRY OF ECONOMY, KNOWLEDGE and EMPLOYMENT: granting COVID line of direct aid to self-employed people and companies title i rdl 5_2021
  • CANARY ISLANDS. REGIONAL MINISTRY OF TOURISM, INDUSTRY AND TRADE: direct granting of subsidies to cover the cost of IBI borne by companies owning tourist accommodation establishments.